Social networking is the best invention for interacting with your constituents since the handshake.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter let you communicate directly, immediately, and interactively with your constituents.

COC will help you build your network of friends and fans, using techniques we have been perfecting for years. We stay ahead of the swift-moving social networking wave so that you do not have to, and are always testing new sites and services.

Social networking sites allow instantaneous, unobtrusive communication with your constituents through status updates and the posting of videos, photo albums, memes and whatever the current “hot” social item is. Social networking sites also provide a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website, collect e-mail addresses and compile data.

We at COC manage all aspects of your social media presence including account creation, content research, creation, and scheduling, and the monitoring of social sites. We are also happy to advise you as to best practices on various new media and how to avoid common mistakes.



  • Social networking is the fastest growing online segment
  • Reach target groups, including young professionals, baby boomers, minorities, and young mothers
  • Communicate with constituents through their preferred method
  • Interact with constituents on their preferred social networking site
  • Use your social networking assets to cross-market other online assets
  • Spur interaction by using online surveys, videos, and other rich media
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional forms of communication
  • Our proprietary tools allow you to secure more friends, more fans and more followers

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