• CONNECT. COC helps you connect more easily, and more often using the latest technology.

  • Constituent Outreach Consultants is located In Forest Park, outside of Chicago.

    INTERACT. COC helps you talk with your constituents, not at them.

  • INFORM. COC helps you keep constituents in the know, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Smartphone Apps

Custom. Quick. Inexpensive. Help us get you on your resident's smart phones.


Thousands of emails written by us delivered by us. Getting your message out with the click of a mouse.

Telephone Townhalls

Have thousands of your residents on a controlled town hall meeting over the phone.

Social Media

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Snapchat. How are you reaching your residents? Soup to nuts we handle it all for you.

Introducing: Municipal Smartphone Applications


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