Telephone Town Hall Meetings

Telephone Town Hall meetings allow constituents to get involved and stay abreast of what is happening in the community, from the comfort of their own home.

As part of COC’s Telephone Town Hall services, we arrange large conference style calls that are open to constituents in your area. Call participants, listening in from their homes, hear your message about important issues and can ask moderated questions. They also have the option to leave a message after the call with additional questions or comments. In-call surveys determine where constituents stand on important issues, improving your targeting in future communications.

How It Works

We pre-load a targeted phone list. The Telephone Town Hall’s speaker—the mayor, police chief, etc.— will record two messages, one message that will be left on answering machines, one for a live pickup. Once the call begins, live persons will be invited to stay on the line to join the Telephone Town Hall and answering machine messages will be left for those constituents that are not at home.

Once they opt to join the call, constituents will begin to hear the speaker. During the call, constituents that would like to ask a question can use their touch-tone to indicate so, and will be taken to a line where they will be questioned by COC’s professional call screeners. Once screened, the speaker will see their name, their town or county, and a brief description their question pop up in the question cue. From the list of screened callers, the speaker can select which question to answer, choosing to ‘un-mute’ the caller, allowing them to ask their question.

During the call, the speaker has the ability to ask survey questions. Participants use their phone’s keypads to answer and the speaker sees the results instantly on their computer screen. At the end of the event all callers are given the option to leave a voicemail with any additional comments and questions. COC emails you these voicemails as well as detailed reports from your customized Telephone Town Hall event.


  • Live town hall style meetings over the phone
  • 5,000 – 1,000,000 dials per event
  • 60 minutes of live talk time per event
  • Live pre-screened questions
  • Instant polling during the event
  • Detailed follow up data, allowing for continued communication
  • Graphs and detailed reporting of all polls conducted during the event


  • Convenience — People are invited to participate from the ease and comfort of their own homes
  • Targeted Audience — A specific message can be delivered to and discussed with a specific group
  • Cost Effective – As low as 14 cents per call
  • Proactive Communication — Increases residents feeling of “being heard and understood”
  • Controlled Event — Through various mechanisms you are able to keep the discussion on point

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