E-newsletters contain more information, can be sent more often, are more easily personalized, and cost much less than traditional mailings. These factors make E-Newsletters a better fit for your overall communications strategy, driving readers to your website and social networking assets.

At COC, we work with your staff to develop and deploy E-Newsletters, including surveys that let constituents provide instant feedback. Post-mailing reports show who opened the e-mails, what they clicked, and much more. We provide complete A-Z service from email acquisition and content creation, through delivery, handling every step of the E-Newsletter process.





  • Elicit opinions from your constituents regarding issues facing the community
  • Provide information about events and other issues in the community
  • Direct your constituents to your other web assets; increasing interaction with your constituents
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional forms of communication
  • Content consulting and copy writing to ensure your E-Newsletters are clear and concise
  • Templates that increase interaction & responsiveness
  • The highest quality source-cross-referenced email lists
  • Advanced reporting “in real time” to demonstrate the success of your customized strategy
  • Feedback features including embedded surveys in the body of the E-Newsletter

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